CHARNWOOD W020 Router Table
Code: 89692

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A heavy weight router table with a solid one piece cast iron top. Precision Ground Cast Iron Table Hinge. Top for Access to Router. Cast Iron Cutter. Hood Spring. Loaded Work clamps. T-Slot Mitre Guide. 100mm Diameter Extraction Outlet. Floorstand Included. The rigid steel floorstand provides a comfortable working height for handling large panels. The table top is hinged to the floorstand and can be raised up, using the lifting handles provided, making the router more accessible when adjustments are needed. The table aperture is 100mm diameter with insert rings provided to reduce this size when using smaller diameter cutters. The cutter hood is also cast iron, with a 100mm diameter dust extraction outlet at the back. The two aluminium fences can be adjusted so that gap between fence and cutter is minimised, providing maximum support to the work piece. Two vertical hold downs ensure a smooth feed into the cutter. For the odd job where the whole face is being removed, a simple shim (not provided) can be added to the outfeed fence to step it out and provide support to the work piece. The cast metal mitre fence runs in a T-slot and is particularly accurate on this model. The guide swings from 90 to 30 degrees each way with locater stops at 45 degrees and a further stop at 90 degrees for accurate end grain work. The clamping system, used to attach the router to the table, is universal allowing any sized router from any manufacturer to be used. Supplied with 4 rubber feet, mitre guide, 100mm extraction outlet and insert rings.