Charnwood W413 12" Disc Sander

Charnwood W413 12" Disc Sander
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Disc Sander with large table.

Quiet Induction Motor
Large Area Work Table
Stable Base Design
Disc Guarding for use in Education
The large base on this Disc Sander gives a very stable platform to work on. Fixing holes are also provided for bolting it to a work bench. A powerful 1hp induction motor turns the disc, which is specially produced to run at a slow 1400rpm to avoid burning during sanding.

The strength and rigidity of the work table is a particularly good feature of this design. Made of extruded aluminium, it is hinged at both ends and is adjustable from +10 degrees to minus 45 degrees. A sliding mitre fence allows angled pieces to be finished and is adjustable 60 degrees left & right.

Supplied with 1 self adhesive sanding disc, mitre guide, 1/4 disc guard, 63mm extraction outlet, cable and plug.
Use our 100/35RC to convert to 100mm dust eaxtraction

Disc diameter 305mm (12")
Motor (induction) 750w (1hp)
Disc speed 1450rpm
Table size 395mm x 295mm
Table tilt 90 to 45
Dimensions (WxDxH) 450mm x 550mm x 400mm
Weight 30kg
Rating Light Trade
Warranty 1 Year