DEWALT DW680K Planer 220V

DEWALT DW680K Planer 220V
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A DeWALT planer offers unrivalled performance compared to its competitors and provides a smooth and even finish, even on the hardest of woods.
The planer comes with a front handle depth control in clearly marked 0.1mm steps for accurate depth setting. The DW680K has a maximum cutting depth of 2.5mm which minimises the number of passes required over the wood before the desired surface is required.
For more accurate and detailed woodworking the planer accepts reversible carbide blades. The precision-machined shoe bottom allows for the making of very accurate and square rabbet joints. Our DeWALT DW680K planer is fitted with a kickstand, allowing you to rest it on the material you are working on in-between passes.
Its rubber coated front height adjustment knob makes it extremely comfortable to handle and prevents your hand from slipping during use. The trigger mechanism has been ergonomically designed with a two-finger trigger mechanism for ease of use and the motor powers the planer up to 15 000 RPM, providing a high-quality cut.

No Load Speed 15,000rpm
Depth of Cut (mm) 2.5mm
Depth of Cut (inches) 3/32"
Planning Width 3-1/4"
Rabbeting Depth 1/2"
Tool Weight 6.2lbs
Shipping Weight 12lbs