Double Sided Diamond Whetstone 200mm Fine / Extra Coarse

Double Sided Diamond Whetstone 200mm Fine / Extra Coarse
Price: €138.99 (inc. VAT)

W8 Double sided (combination) diamond whetstones will not break, chip, crack, hollow or groove. These ultra precision whetstones are lightweight and have a totally rigid construction. Use water for lubrication no oil, smell or mess and can hone ALL hard materials: carbide, steel, the grits are denoted by a dual coloured circle which is set into one end.
Black: Extra Coarse Grade 220, 60 micron
Blue: Coarse Grade 325, 45 micron
Red: Fine Grade 600, 25 micron
Green: Extra Fine Grade 1200, 9 micron

The Red side (Fine) is suitable for sharpening general woodworking tools, wood flat bits, augers, garden edge tools, fish hooks, darts etc.
The Black side (Extra coarse) is suitable for sharpening damaged woodworking tools, cold chisel, axes/hatchets, and for rubbing down edges on glass, fibre glass and ceramics.

Black: Extra Coarse 220g, 60 micron
Red: Fine 600g, 25 micron