Dremel 3D45 DIGILAB 3D Printer

Dremel 3D45 DIGILAB 3D Printer

Dremel 3D45 DIGILAB 3D Printer
Code: R0052583

With this plug-and-print 3D printer you can start printing immediately. You will not receive a complicated DIY kit, but a complete 3D printer that is ready for use! In addition, thanks to the built-in HD camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can start and monitor your print remotely. No computer at your disposal? Then you can also start your 3D print via the supplied USB stick with slicer software.

The Dremel 3D45-02 has a medium print area of 25.4cm x 15.2cm x 17cm and an excellent layer resolution of 50 microns for extremely detailed prints. In addition, the closed construction and heated bed reduce the risk of warping of large objects. This 3D printer is equipped with a semi-automated bed levelling function and one extruder. Suitable for prints of PLA, Nylon, Eco-ABS and PETG filament with a diameter of 1.75mm.


Build volume 255 x 155 x 170cm

100 microns layer thickness

Heated build platform

Single extruder up to 280 degrees

Totally enclosed build workspace

Automatic sensing of filament type

Assisted levelling on build plate

Connect via flash drive, USB cable or Wi-Fi

Supplied with:

1 spool of nylon filament

1 spool of Eco-ABS filament