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Code: EHL65

Main features include:

Festool Planer 110volt

One handled Light Weight model


720watt 65mm blade width 0-4mm depth of cut with screw on fence

27mm dust extraction connection that can be fitted to either side of planer complete in systainer case

Most popular Festool planer as it’s light but can also take up to 4mm at a time out of hardwood.

V-groove in base for removing sharp edges and can rebate up to 23mm deep

Very popular with all carpenters

Weighing just 2.4 kg and with a compact design, the EHL 65 electric planer is not only the lightest and lowest one-handed planer in its class, but also the most powerful. 4 mm planing and 23 mm rebate depth and excellent surface finish thanks to the unique spiral blade with pulling cut. With SoftGrip handle and cutting depth adjustment, single-button operation and non-slip ridges on the housing for a secure hold. This means that the planer can be guided effortlessly, whether it's horizontally or vertically, with one or two hands, with the left hand or right hand. In short: It's ergonomic. Fast. Precise. The one-handed planer for professionals.

Only 2.4 kg, compact height, soft grip on handle and chip depth adjustment, additional grips for better support

Quiet: The spiral blade reduces the noise level considerably

Maximum 4 mm planing depth and 23 mm rebate depth for more speed and flexibility

Variable chip depth adjustment and spiral blade for high surface quality in diverse application areas

Efficient dust extraction at the left/right side no clean-up needed

No interruptions – thanks to quick blade change with automatic adjustment the timely and complex task of adjusting the cutting diameter is dispensed with

Power consumption

720 W

Planer shaft speed

15,600.00 min⁻¹

Planing width

65.00 mm

Planing depth

0 - 4 mm

Max. rebate depth

23.00 mm

Dust extraction connection diameter

27 mm

Cable length

4.00 m

Product weight without accessories

2.70 kg

Transport weight incl. accessories

5.15 kg

Drive type