Planex Easy Long Reach & CTM36E-AC Vacuum 575458


• Efficient short-reach or long-reach sanding on walls and ceilings.

Planex Easy Long Reach & CTM36E-AC Vacuum 575458
Code: 142869
Price: €1,995.00 (inc. VAT)
Festool Planex Easy Long Reach with CTM36E-AC Vacuum 110V
Code: 142869
Price: €1,995.00 (inc. VAT)

Long-reach sander PLANEX LHS-E 225/CTM 36-Set 110V - Part No. 575458

Drywalling has never been so easy.

Sanding during drywalling generates large volumes of sanding dust. It is therefore essential that you use a dust extractor suitable for this work. With the AutoClean special dust extractor, Festool offers the perfect dust extractor – featuring automatic main filter cleaning and a kink-free suction hose – for the new PLANEX easy long-reach sander. $ Because keeping the workplace clean is important, both to protect your health and to enable smooth working processes with precise results.

The extremely powerful PLANEX special extractor is more than capable of extracting large volumes of dust generated by the new PLANEX easy

The extractor supplies a consistently high suction power through the filter cleaning system: The filter pores are cleaned without interrupting your work

Simply sand for longer: The first long-reach sander from Festool which does not need to be assembled and set up

The even balance between control and advantageous weight distribution means that you can work for sustained periods

Sand the easy way: The low weight allows you to work conveniently

in the LHS-E 225-BAG carrying bag

approved for dust class M

Main applications

  • Sanding walls and ceilings
  • Sanding plasterboard and dry wall filler
  • For removal of carpet residue, coats of paint, coverings, adhesives, loose plaster and other coatings




  • Power consumption 400 W
  • Idle engine speed 400 - 920 min⁻¹
  • Interchangeable sanding pad dia. 215.00 mm
  • Abrasive dia.225.00 mm
  • Length 1.60 m
  • Dust extraction connection dia. 36/27 mm
  • Weight 4.00 kg