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Bowl Turning Techniques
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Dublin Viking Bowl
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Traditional Irish Platter
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Tools and Techniques
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Sharpening Techniques
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Set of 5 Glenn Lucas DVD (All of the above Titles)
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Glenn Lucas has an international reputation for his proficiency at the lathe and his ability to pass on to students, the skills and knowledge he has gained. He balances his production of classic bowls turned from native Irish wood (set up in 1995), with an extensive teaching programme run from his Co Carlow ‘Woodturning Study Centre’(since 2005).

In June 2020 he will move into a newly developed purpose-designed Woodturning Training Centre.

A frequent guest Demonstrator at overseas conferences, he also gives Turning Masterclasses at International Arts & Crafts schools.

  • October 2010 his first Irish woodturning DVD ‘Mastering Woodturning – Tools and Techniques’
  • June 2011 launched ‘Mastering Woodturning – Bowl Turning Techniques’
  • November 2014 ‘Mastering Woodturning – Sharpening Techniques
  • December 2015 Mastering Woodturning – Traditional Irish Platter’
  • January 2016 is ‘Mastering Woodturning – Dublin Viking Bowl’
  • and in 2018 - 'The Beaded Bowl’

Mastering Woodturning – Tools and Techniques

  • Woodturning Lathe
  • Sharpening Systems
  • Roughing Gouge
  • Parting Tool
  • Spindle Gouge
  • Skew Chisel
  • Bowl Gouge
  • Scrapers
  • Bowl Production Slide Show

Mastering Woodturning – Bowl Turning Techniques

  • Step-by-step instructions for preparing the wood
  • Roughing and Seasoning the bowl,
  • Final turning
  • Vacuum Chucking to remove the spigot and
  • Finishing

Mastering Woodturning – Sharpening Techniques

  • Sharpening Systems: Overview
  • Bowl and Spindle Gouges
  • Oneway Wolverine Settings
  • Woodcut Tru-Grind Settings
  • Tormek Settings
  • Sorby Pro-Edge Settings

Mastering Woodturning – Traditional Irish Platter’

Glenn demonstrates his tried and true platter making tips for turning an Irish Platter based on an heirloom in his collection. 

Mastering Woodturning – Dublin Viking Bowl’

Master Turner Glenn Lucas expands on his earlier technique-based videos to develop our skills by working through a complete project, guiding us by the hand along every step of the way. A very inspiring journey it is too.

This project is based on an eleventh century bowl, recently uncovered on a Viking settlement in Dublin and now in the collection of The National Museum of Ireland. Its elegant shape is the inspiration for Glenn's latest project. Clear instruction will help you make this otherwise challenging piece and the skills you will use can be applied to turning any bowl. Its classic form and functionality are timeless. Also included, is a short film 'Early Morning Project'