Hilmor GLM Minor Tube Bender 15-22mm

Hilmor GLM Minor Tube Bender 15-22mm
Price: €109.67 (inc. VAT)

A compact bender with precision high pressure aluminium die cast formers and guides to produce sets, offsets, multiple bends etc in tubes of a maximum diameter of 22 mm.
It is particulary suitable for installation of small heating systems etc.
Supplied complete with 15 mm and 22 mm formers and guides.
Capacities are: Copper BS2871 15-22mm; Stainless Steel BS4127 15mm; Mild steel BS4152 15 mm.

Supplied with an i-75 Hacksaw (Tool May Vary)

The I75 has a maximum 75kg tension making cutting easier

Aimed at meeting the demands of professional users, mushroom pins prevent the blade from being released when the saw is dropped.

The ergonomically shaped handle ensures a comfortable grip and the 90 and 180 blade setting options are a handy facility.

Blade Length 300 mm / 12in