Irwin Bim Hole Saw Kit 400 NE

Irwin Bim Hole Saw Kit 400 NE
Price: €92.31 (inc. VAT)

Irwin Bi-Metal Holesaw Kits are available in a unique attractive soft storeage
case that incorporates an unbreakable hinge and internal padding that protects
the contents.The case has an integral handle and has a cardboard sleeve that contains important product information.
1 x 10504184 Holesaw 51mm.
1 x 10504195 Holesaw 73mm.
1 x 10504198 Holesaw 83mm.
1 x 10504207 Holesaw 111mm
1 x 10504535 Mandrel 13mm - Fits 32 to 210mm holesaws.
3 x 10504532 Pilot drill.