Knipex Self Adjusting Wire Strippers 0.03-10mm

Knipex Self Adjusting Wire Strippers 0.03-10mm
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Price: €103.16 (inc. VAT)

Made from special tool steel, this oil hardened wire stripper features a adjustable screw for setting the desired diameter. it cuts wire diameters up to a maximum of 5 mm or 10mm cable cross section.

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These Knipex KPX1240200 are self-adjusting insulation stripper for Single, multiple and fine strand wire cables of 0.03 to 10.0mm with plastic or rubber insulation.

Ideal for thin rubber cables up to 10mm in width in a single pass. Length stop, easy interchangeable plastic jaws.

The cutting force on the KPX1240200 can be adjusted for hard plastic sheathing. With wire cutter for copper and aluminium wires. Multiple strand up to 10mm, single strand up to 6mm.

Size: 200mm.