LED Lenser P6 Black Torch - Gift Box

LED Lenser P6 Black Torch - Gift Box
Price: €52.41 (inc. VAT)

For those looking for a bright light with a slim profile the Ledco 8406 slim line torch is the answer. This easy to use torch give a great amount of light with its 78.4 luminous flux that will light up any dark area with no problem at all.

The Ledco 8406 has a twist end cap for easy and quick battery loading and a smooth operation one handed focus lens from spot to beam in seconds. This torch has the latest crystal reflector tube system, the reflector tubes are lined with italian crystal and precisely shaped to pump up the light produced by the LED for a broader and more powerful beam.

Prism Reflector System: LED Lensers prism reflector solves the traditional problem with LEDS with intense up-close, but lacking beam depth and distance. This torch is easy to use, just put the 2 AA batteries (supplied) in the rear end of the torch and there is a simple push on/off button to illuminate the torch. Ledco Lenser's patented system harnesses each LEDs power and drives it forward in a beam like traditional incandescent torches, but with all the advantages of LED technology.

The LED 8406TP has 24-carat gold contacts as gold is a superior electrical conductor, which minimises energy lost at the contact points and maximises energy that goes into light production. The Ledco 8406 has a solid metal casing made from a lightweight aircraft aluminium for added durability and lightness, and high wattage LEDs that uses only the highest wattage and the finest quality LEDs.

Ledco laboratory test all there torches to determine precise milliwatt output.