Minimax FS30 Classic Planer 1 Phase

Minimax FS30 Classic Planer 1 Phase

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MINIMAX FS30 CLASSIC PLANER 1 PHASE - 12” combined jointer & planer

The surfacing-thicknessing machine for the D.I.Y. woodworkers and the craftsmen joineries.
Fine Woodworking named our award-winning 12" jointer/planer as "Best Overall" in its category. This machine offers premium power and precision in a compact size for any shop. With long jointer tables, and sturdy fence, this machine is a quality product, made in Italy, for a value price. Find out why one of our best-selling units may be perfect for you.


TERSA CUTTERHEAD - Minimax jointer/planers include the quick change knife head by "Tersa". This cutterhead eliminates the necessity of gauging the knives each time to ensure proper height positioning. The Tersa knives automatically lock into position when the machine is turned on. Removal of the knives is as simple as tapping down the wedge blocks and sliding out the knives. Since the knives are double-sided, they can be flipped over, reinserted, and used again.

QUICKER CHANGEOVER - Changing between jointer and planer is a lot quicker on this machine than other models. Because there are separate dust collection outlets for the jointer and the planer, you do not need to drop the planer table all the way down in order to change back to a jointer. Also, when going back to using the planer function, you don’t have as much distance to travel to get to your planing thickness.

JOINTER FENCE - The FS 30 Classic has a separate jointer fence which rides
on a rail mounted to the jointer table. The fence has a castiron
knuckle and is tiltable to 45°

PLANER - The FS30 Classic has a 12” Jointer and a 12” Planer. The planer is able to process up to 9” thick material. The Jointer/Planer head also comes standard with a “Tersa” head. This quick change system allows you to change the cutterhead knives quickly and accurately to minimize down time. There is no need to set the knife height, this is done automatically.

Technical data:

  • Planer working width 300mm
  • Surfacing tables total length1510mm
  • Min. ÷ max. working height on thicknesser 3 ÷ 230mm
  • Three-phase motor power starting from4 (4,8) kW - 50 (60) Hz