Minimax S41 Elite S Thicknesser

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Minimax S41 Elite S Thicknesser
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MINIMAX S41es Thicknesser 

High technology at a competitive price in a thicknessing planer for demanding craftsmen and carpenters.

The Minimax S41 Thickness Planer has a working width of 410 mm and working height of 240mm with a choice of standard HSS resharpenable knives, Tersa disposable knives or SCM Xylent spiral cutterblock.

The base model has adjustment to the ribbed cast iron planing table by means of a handwheel with further options to fit powered rise and fall with digital readout display for thickness of cut

The quality of this machine is what is expected from SCM and their long history in building woodworking machinery for all industries.

Key Features:

  • Top performances: 95 mm diameter planer spindle with 4 knives.
  • Strong and constant workpiece feed to thicknesser is granted by the helicoidal infeed roller.
  • Perfect thicknesser finishing with the outfeed roller in sanded steel.
  • Adjustable pressure on the thicknesser feeding rollers depending on the workpiece type to be machined, for an impeccable result.
  • Planer working width : 410mm
  • Cutter block diameter (mm)/n. of knives standard : 95/4 
  • Min. ÷ max. working height on thicknesser : 3 ÷ 240mm
  • Three-phase motor power starting from : 5 (6) kW - 50 (60) Hz
  • No. of knives: 4 off
  • Feed speed: 6 + 12 m/min
  • Min working heigth : 180mm