Minimax S45N Bandsaw 3 Phase

Minimax S45N Bandsaw 3 Phase

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Minimax s 45n 18" bandsaw

Professional band saw for woodworkers and craftsmen workshops.

The minimax s 45n is an SCM Group made 2.5hp motor bandsaw. With over 20 years of service to the American Market and produced on the same line as the world-famous combination machine line, the S45N is a great saw for custom furniture makers. Some features include a large cast iron table, an easy to remove aluminum hi-low fence and large balanced wheels creating a fly wheel effect.


  • Great sturdiness: cast iron wheels and worktable in cast iron too.
  • A perfect cut result is assured by the top and bottom, precise blade guides.
  • Practical machine to perform straight and tilted cuts on wooden or plastic workpieces or aluminum too.
  • Worktable dimensions : 520 x 600mm
  • Cast iron saw wheels diameter : 450mm
  • Max. cutting height : 300mm
  • Max. cutting width : 440mm
  • Worktable tilting (no CE) : 0° ÷ 20° (45°) 
  • Three-phase motor power : 3 (3,6) kW - 50 (60) Hz