Minimax S600P Bandsaw

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MINIMAX S 600p Bandsaw

The S600P/MM24 is the beast of the Professional Series Bandsaws. This bandsaw comes in either single-phase or 3-phase depending on your electrical specs and production needs. With single-phase power, you get a hardy 4.8hp bandsaw. If you are higher production or do primarily resaw, you can get yourself the 3-phase version with a whopping 7.5hp! With such robust power you can easily resaw 24” logs while still having the ability to do fine intricate scrollwork. Whatever your project needs are, the S600P/MM24 delivers!


  • Worktable dimensions : 580 x 810mm
  • Cast iron saw wheels diameter : 600mm
  • Max. cutting height : 360mm
  • Max. cutting width : 580mm
  • Worktable tilting 0° ÷ 20° (45°) 
  • Three-phase motor power (S1) starting from : 2,2 kW (3 HP) 50 Hz