Minimax T55W Elite S Spindle Moulder

Minimax T55W Elite S Spindle Moulder

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MINIMAX tw 55es  Elite S Spindle Moulder

The right spindle moulder for demanding craftsmen and carpenters, thanks to its customization and flexibility.

The minimax tw 55es is the culmination of years of experience in manufacturing quality solid wood SCM products. This 4-speed heavy duty machine is standard with both a sliding table and tilt! The slider has hardened steel guide ways and precision bearings, so it incorporates the exact technology found in our top selling sliding table saws! The hood has memory pins so if removed, it will go right back into the same position, making this shaper accurate and repeatable.

Maximum stability and rigidity in every working condition thanks to a big cast iron spindle moulder unit and a sturdy base in single-block steel. Great versatility with the spindle moulder with 4 speeds and available in fixed or tilting version. Best support in all machinings, thanks to the 330 mm width sliding table.

The T55 W Elite S has a wide sliding table that rides on hardened steel guideways. The design is the same that we incorporate into our high end sliding table saws. The sliding table greatly increases the shaper’s versatility, and makes tenoning operations as easy as can be. Raised panel doors are also facilitated on the sliding table shaper.

The T55 W Elite S has a Tilting arbor shaper making this machine even more versatile over the long term. The shaper tilts backwards making it possible to use a powerfeeder more effectively while tilting.

The T55 W Elite S has a large shaper hood that has three controlled axis. The shaper hood has memory pins so that it easily goes right back to the same position if removed from the table. This makes changeover much quicker.

  • Spindle moulder speeds : 3500/6000/8000/10000giri/min
  • Max. useful spindle lenght : 125mm
  • Max. dimensions of tool lowered under table at 90° : 240mm
  • Max. tool diameter when tenoning : 320 (300 mm no CE)mm
  • Three-phase motor power starting from : 5 (6) kW - 50 (60) Hz