One handed planer EHL 65 EQ-Plus 240V 576604

One handed planer EHL 65 EQ-Plus 240V 576604
Code: R0061293
Price: €359.95 (inc. VAT)
One handed planer EHL 65 EQ-Plus EHL65 110V
Code: EHL65
Price: €359.95 (inc. VAT)

Weighing just 2.4 kg and with a compact design, the EHL 65 electric planer is not only the lightest and lowest one-handed planer in its class, but also the most powerful. 4 mm planing and 23 mm rebate depth and excellent surface finish thanks to the unique spiral blade with pulling cut. With SoftGrip handle and cutting depth adjustment, single-button operation and non-slip ridges on the housing for a secure hold. This means that the planer can be guided effortlessly, whether it's horizontally or vertically, with one or two hands, with the left hand or right hand. In short: It's ergonomic. Fast. Precise. The one-handed planer for professionals.

  • Only 2.4 kg, compact height, soft grip on handle and chip depth adjustment, additional grips for better support
  • Quiet: The spiral blade reduces the noise level considerably
  • Maximum 4 mm planing depth and 23 mm rebate depth for more speed and flexibility
  • Variable chip depth adjustment and spiral blade for high surface quality in diverse application areas
  • Efficient dust extraction at the left/right side no clean-up needed
  • No interruptions – thanks to quick blade change with automatic adjustment the timely and complex task of adjusting the cutting diameter is dispensed with

Main applications

  • Trimming work
  • Assembly work
  • Planing carcasses, trim, skirting, infill panels, doors, etc.
  • Applications where convenient one-handed operation is required
  • Power consumption : 720 W
  • Planer shaft speed : 15600.00 min⁻¹
  • Planing width : 65.00 mm
  • Planing depth : 0 - 4 mm
  • Max. rebate depth : 23.00 mm
  • Dust extraction connection dia. : 27 mm
  • Weight : 2.40 kg
  • Drive type : Mains