Record BS300E Bandsaw

Record BS300E Bandsaw

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Record BS300E Bandsaw
Code: 82162

Description MID RANGE SPEC AND BUILD QUALITY BUT AT AN ECONOMY RANGE PRICE. This machine aims to redefine what can be bought in this sector of the market. Sharing many of the same basic construction and capacities of the BS300X but with a few non-essential features replaced with simpler systems, it enables a serious machine to be bought at a bargain price. Featuring a solid fence, vital for accurate ripping, which has a heavy extrusion mounted on a cast iron base and fixed to a solid steel bar for maximum rigidity and support. This is an industrial Startrite design and much more solid than other fences at this level. The machine also features a solid double trunnion table mount to provide rigid table support and one-handed table tilt on a smooth rack and pinion. Adding to the structural integrity of the BS300E are the cast iron bandwheels which are fitted with precision ground rubber tyres to provide a flywheel effect for smooth cutting. A simple but solid blade tension indicator is fitted to the rear of the machine to allow for easy setup. The BS300E is also supplied with a basic wheelkit as standard though the optional BS300W pedal operated wheelkit is recommended if the machine will need moving more than occasionally. Exceptional value. Max depth of cut 190mm Throat depth 305mm Machine weight 80 kilo Model: BS300E Attachments: Leg stand , mitre guide , 1 bandsaw blade. Voltage: 230volt Horse Power: 3/4hp


Blade Tension Indicator - Is situated on the rear of the machine

Industrial Style Fence - This high quality fence features a heavy extrusion mounted on a cast iron base, which moves along a solid steel bar. This provides exceptional strength and accuracy and is easily locked with the brass screw and handle.

Large Cast Iron Table - Provides a strong and steady work area to support large workpieces. Finely ground finish enables effortless movement of the timber.

Cast Iron Band Wheels - Are dynamically balanced and provide a flywheel effect for improved cutting performance. Rubber tyres are precision ground for easy blade fitting and smooth drive.

Tracking System - Easy blade tracking to give accurate positioning of blade.

Toolpost Support - Features jacking screws for easy adjustment.

Accurate and Easy to Use Blade Guides - Blade guides need accurately setting if they are to be of any use – so easy access and adjustment are a must. Our guides, similar to those found on industrial machines, give good quality adjustment with minimal need for tools.

Trunnion - Solid double trunnion table mount for rigid table support featuring one handed rack and pinion table tilt for ease of use and accuracy. Mounted on top of bandwheel box with jacking screws for easy adjustment.


  • Maximum Depth of Cut: 190 mm
  • Throat Depth: 305 mm
  • Table Size: 480 x 400 mm
  • Table Height from Floor: 990 mm
  • Motor Power: 1 hp
  • Blade Length: 93 1/4"
  • Blade Width Capacity: 1/4 - 3/4"
  • Blade Speed: 820 & 380 M / minute
  • Extraction Port Diameter: 100 mm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Size: H1690 x W880 x D680 mm

Optional Fitments - Pedal Wheel Kit