Record Power Herald Lathe

Record Power Herald Lathe

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Record Power Herald Lathe
Code: 139670

Coronet Herald Herald Heavy Duty Cast Iron Electronic Variable Speed Lathe

This brand new lathe from Record Power represents the culmination of many decades of expertise in the manufacture and supply of superior woodturning lathes. Developed with the help of professional woodturners and keen hobbyists, we believe we have produced a world-class machine for woodturners of all levels. Thanks to a number of innovative design solutions the capabilities, features and performance of the Herald far exceed anything a machine of this size has been capable of before - It brings top-end professional performance at a fraction of the size and cost of comparable heavy-duty machines.

To reflect the Record Power heritage in a modern context, the look of the lathe incorporates the elegant and balanced curves of the earlier Coronet series in a more streamlined and efficient form. As well as looking great, the Herald feels great - the excellence of engineering, ergonomics and quality manufacturing can be felt throughout, making the lathe a pleasure to use whilst delivering rock solid performance.


State-of-the-Art Motor and Full Electronic Variable Speed: The 750 W motor features the latest in motor technology to give huge amounts of torque, comparable to lathes over twice the size and motor rating. Instantaneous speed change is achieved using the easily accessible control panel. Reversing is also offered for sanding or left handed turning (Must be used only with suitable locking systems for chucks and accessories).

Rotating and Repositionable Headstock: Unlike most cast bed lathes, the headstock of the Herald can be rotated 360º, optimising access and also making it ideal for left-handed turners, who can effectively turn this machine into a fully left-handed lathe using the reverse facility of the control system. A bearing system beneath the headstock allows it to be located in popular positions. The headstock can also be moved along the lathe bed if required.

Cam Lock: The tool rest holder is locked in place instantly with the easy to use cam locking system.

Heavy Duty Tool Rest Stem: The 25 mm diameter tool rest stem helps minimise vibration, giving a smoother and easier cut.

3 Step Pulley: A 3 step pulley is provided for maximum versatility. For most turning the middle pulley is perfect and provides good torque but if you need maximum torque comparable to much larger lathes for heavy cuts or low speed work, then the bottom pulley has immense torque capability. For very small work, polishing or burnishing acrylics, the top pulley gives access to very high speeds.

Hand Wheel: The headstock features a substantial hand wheel to turn the spindle, making fitment of headstock accessories much easier.

Heavy Duty Spindle Lock and Indexing: Holds the spindle securely and offers a full 24 point indexing function.

Innovative Tailstock Design: The tailstock has been designed to allow easier access to the cam lock handle at the rear. It is also profiled and open on one side for comfortable grip when sliding along the bed.

Optional Fitments: 

  • Bowl Rest
  • Legstand
  • Bed Extension


  • Maximum bowl diameter:533 mm (21")
  • Maximum between centres:508 mm (20")
  • Maximum swing over bed:355 mm (14")
  • Spindle speeds:95-3980 rpm
  • Motor input P1:1 kW
  • Motor output P2:0.75 kW
  • Thread:M33
  • Taper:2 Morse taper
  • Weight:48 kg
  •  Dimensions Size:W870 x D290 x H252 mm