Record Power RPCV12 12 Piece Carving Chisel Set


Record Power RPCV12 12 Piece Carving Chisel Set
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Price: €69.95 (inc. VAT)

Woodcarving Chisels by Record Power. 12 Piece Carving Chisel Set (RPCV12). This superb value set contains a wide range of profiles, providing an ideal introduction to the fascinating world of wood carving. They are made from spring alloy steel to help them retain their cutting edge longer and resist corrosion. The attractive presentation box is well made and also designed to be a long term home for the chisels.
Wide Range of Profiles
The wide range of profiles included in the set give an excellent introduction to the art of carving.
Includes the following sizes of Carving Chisels:
6mm Gourge Chisel. 10mm "V" Chisel. 12mm "V" Chisel. 8mm Fishtail Gouge Chisel. 16mm Fishtail Gouge Chisel. 25mm Fishtail Gouge Chisel. 6mm Straight Chisel. 12mm Straight Chisel. 12mm Bent Gouge Chisel. 16mm Skew Cut Chisel. 18mm Skewed Spoon Chisel. 18mm Bent Chisel. (See attached image)