Record RPLB24-48 Lathe Bench new type

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• Record RPLB24-48 Lathe Bench
• new type

Record Power RPLB24-48 Legstand for CL Series
Code: 13904



The workbench for your lathe is as important as the lathe itself. Any bench that vibrates or does not lay true can ruin the work of even the most skilled woodturner. Whatever the size of lathe, 24", 36" or even up to 48" between centres, this bench is easily adjustable to suit the lathe that you own and can be adjusted in length. There is the facility for attaching large bowl turning rests. Splayed legs and steel construction gives rigidity enabling large projects to be undertaken with minimal vibration. Can be easily bolted to the floor and storage shelves can easily be added to increase weight further. Plenty of room below bed bars to operate lathe clamping handles without obstruction. Epoxy powder coated for long life and to withstand wear and tear. Smaller lathes mounted on wooden worktops can also be easily fitted onto the bench.