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Robert Sorby ProEdge Deluxe System Ultimate, includes everything you would get with the Deluxe system:

  • Pro Edge
  • Skew Jig
  • Gouge Jig
  • Fingernail Profiler
  • Plus these added value extra's:
  • Proset
  • Long Grind Jig
  • PE1200T Trizact Belt

The ProEdge by Robert Sorby represents the ultimate system for sharpening your woodworking tools. Its unique design incorporates many years of experience in producing the keenest of edges accurately and efficiently.

It takes all the guesswork and effort out of sharpening all your woodworking tools – bench, framing, carving and turning chisels, drill bits and plane irons – as well as knives and garden tools. The ProEdge requires no complex assembly – it can be plugged in and used straight from the box.

One of the great challenges facing any woodworker is keeping a consistent bevel angle on their tools. With the ProEdge nothing is left to chance. The patented angle setter ensures that the same angle is achieved time after time. It incorporates a pre-set of all the most popular bevel angles – 90º, 80º, 60º, 45º, 35º, 30º, 25º, 20º, 15º. This is a strong well engineered unit which can be located anywhere in the workshop.

As the ProEdge largely replicates the tool sharpening system in the Robert Sorby factory it is not only tried and tested over many decades, it is also highly efficient and safe.

Sharpening is carried out by means of a series of inexpensive abrasive belts - aluminum oxide for bench and carving chisels, knives and plane irons; zirconium for HSS turning tools, drill and router bits: ceramic for rapid heavy duty sharpening.

Any changing of belts is a simple, straightforward task. Because of the composition of each belt, sharpening is extremely rapid and yet there is a professional, high quality finish. As the sharpening operation is quick, there is no fear of over-heating and consequently damaging the tools.

To make sharpening even more accurate there is a series of accessories which can be fitted to the ProEdge:

  • Skew Jig - to give the correct presentation angle of turners’ skew chisels
  • Square Jig - for presenting square tools at 90 degrees to the sharpening belt
  • Gouge Jig - in the format of a vee block to prevent pivoting when sharpening a turners’ gouge
  • Fingernail Profiler - to create swept back wings on a turners’ gouge
  • Cutter Holder - to accept those small tool tips
  • Rubberised Honing Wheel - for the inside of gouges
  • Pigtail mandrel, buffing mop and paste - add a highly polished finish to any tool
  • Short Platform - enables easier access for miniature or worn tools
  • The most efficient, accurate sharpening system around.
  • Comes complete with two belts.
  • Includes a skew jig, a gouge jig, fingernail profiler and three different belts.