Tambour door tool cabinets 1970 x 1000mm

Tambour door tool cabinets 1970 x 1000mm

This cabinet will include 6 custom made full extension shelves including 

1 with a glass frame fixed to the front with “Danger and Sharp” engraved 

on acrylic inserts. The shelves are made from Grey MDF and framed in 

                     solid Beech wood.


The shelves will be CNC cut to accept your hand tools and these 

shelves will extend fully out of the cabinet on ball bearing slides.


This allows us to make the best possible use of the space and allows 

easy access for the students when the slides are extended.


The cabinets are lined in grey chipboard panels and the shelves are fixed 

to these linings.

Each cabinet is made specifically for the set of tools in the classroom. All schools have a variety of brands and types of all of these hand tools and the layout will vary depending on this and the individual teachers requirements.


The price quoted above is for 6 shelf cabinets, some of the pictures above have extra shelves fitted at an additional cost.