Vibration Resistant Glove

Vibration Resistant Glove
Price: €11.13 (inc. VAT)

Driving gloves with a reinforced palm area giving the added benefit of vibration resistance.

Although deemed as vibration resistant its important to note that this is NOT a true 'anti-vibration' glove and although the user will feel the benefit of reduced vibration because of the reinforced palm - it does not eliminate vibration completely.

True anti-vibration gloves are designed to combat 'white finger' syndrome and are extremely expensive (circa 50.00/pair) so a vibration resistant alternative is a viable option for the occasional user.

2 = Abrasion Performance Index 1-4
1 = Blade Cut Performance Index 1-5
1 = Tear Performance Index 1-4
1 = Puncture Performance Index 1-4