Vicmarc VL300 ASM 2.2 EVS Lathe

Vicmarc VL300 ASM 2.2 EVS Lathe

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The VL300 Short Adjustable Stand Mount EVS (Electronic Variable Speed) Lathe has been designed to suit most wood turners. The electronic variable speed drive gives up to 200% torque on low rpm and it comes with a powerful 2.2kw motor . The three-step pulleys provide 3 ratios 1:1 for small to medium size work; 1:1.5 for medium to large work; and 1:3 for large work.

The cast iron lathe is mounted on a 5mm thick steel plate stand, which has been designed with a 700mm wide footprint for stability and rigidity. The stand also features wood shaving discharge chute and a knee stop bar.

All VL300 lathe models accept an extension bed at either end of the bed.  A 500mm or 1000mm bolt on extension bed is available and multiple extensions can be added on.

The VL300 AMS EVS has been upgraded and now includes these following new features:

  • Precision machined face on both ends of the bed for bolt on extension bed or swing away tailstock support.
  • Digital speed readout located below the headstock that displays the actual spindle RPM.
  • Hindged headstock door for ease of use and a new erganomic toolrest.
  • Another great new feature on this lathe is the indexing pin safety switch.  This prevents accidental startup while the indexing pin is engaged. 
  • This model lathe can also be fitted with a mushroom twist stop bottom and additional limit switches on the headstock and motor doors making it comply to regulations for lathes in schools;  Part No. P01115

Standard Accessories:

1 x Faceplate 150mm

1 x Live Centre

1 x Tool Rests 300mm

1 x 10mm Knockout Bar

1 x Drive Dog

1 x Spanner

1 x Vicmarc Hat

1 x Owner's Manual

VL300 Short ASM EVS by vicmarc on Sketchfab

VL300S ASM Specifications:

  • 300mm Centre Height
  • 600mm Swing Over Bed
  • 500mm Distance Between Centers
  • 1070-1370mm Work Height (Stand Bottom to Spindle Centre)
  • 24 Indexing Holes
  • No. 2 MT Headstock & Tailstock Spindle
  • Taper Roller Spindle Bearings
  • 3 Speeds EVS 10-3000 rpm
  • 30mm Toolrest Post Diameter
  • 15mm Hole Through Headstock Spindle
  • 10.5mm Hole Through Tailstock Spindle
  • 75mm Quill Travel
  • 295kg Net Weight
  • 1060 x 720 x 1280 Length x Width x Height (mm)