Vicmarc VM150 Chuck M45 Standard Jaws

Vicmarc VM150 Chuck M45 Standard Jaws

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Vicmarc VM150 Chuck M45 Standard Jaws
Code: 136731


WORLD FIRST revolutionary new chuck design


DUAL ACTION opening and closing

Jaws and Inserts compatible with the VM120

Stronger backing jaws

Can be used for turning in reverse

Backing Jaws will not protrude past Chuck Body for safety

Ideal for professional turners as a time saver

The VM150 has two actions, one to quickly open and close the chuck as though it was lever
operated (fully opens within 3 revolutions), the other to tighten using the 'T' key as you
would in a standard key operated scroll chuck. 

Basic Chuck Includes: 1 x Standard Jaws, 1 x 4mm T-Bar Allen Key, 1 x 10mm T-Bar Allen Key,
1 x Woodscrew, 1 x Owners Manual, 1 x 9.5mm Tommy Bar (M45 Only)

Direct Thread M33 x 3.5, Part No. V00289-2

The VM150 chuck is 150mm (approx 6") in diameter and accepts the same jaws 
as a VM120.

Pic 2 :  To switch from lever operated to key operated, line up the two dots as shown above, and rotate the locking pinion using the 10mm T-bar (supplied with the chuck). Turn clockwise to engage and anti-clockwise to disengage.