Vitrex Power Cutter Display Complete

Vitrex Power Cutter Display Complete
Price: €619.92 (inc. VAT)

A high impact merchandising unit for the Torque Master Power Tile Cutter comprising:-
6 x 103402NDE Torque Master Power Tile Cutter
9 x 110mm Diamond Blades (General Purpose / Glass / Hi-Glaze)

Hi-Torque geared motor for maximum cutting performance.
Splash guard with variable height adjustment.
110mm dia x 22mm bore diamond blade with continuous rim for extra clean cut.
Fully adjustable mitre guide with unique ratchet mechanism.
Double extension tables for larger format tiles.
I ntegral measuring guide and quick release rip guide for perfect straight cuts.
Flip-up cutting table for 22.5 & 45 mitres.
'No Mess' water re-circulation system.
Quick release splash guard for plunge cuts.


Power Supply 230V 50HZ.
Motor Hi-Torque Geared Motor.
RPM (no load) 4600rpm.
Max Depth cut 25mm (with New Blades)
Max Depth cut at 45 17mm (with New Blades)