Zebrano Wivamac Lathe ZX600 3HP



Zebrano Wivamac Lathe ZX600 3HP
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Zebrano Wivamac Lathe ZX600 1HP B - (Bench Mounted)

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Zebrano Wivamac Lathe ZX600 1 HP - (Stand Alone)

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Zebrano Wivamac Lathe ZX600 2HP - (Stand Alone)

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Zebrano Wivamac Lathe ZX600 3HP

The ZX600 has a distance between points of 600 mm. 
Available with 1HP, 2HP or 3HP engine. 
The 1CV version is also available as a bench model.

  • Cast iron construction with deep bed, heavily cross-braced for enhanced longitudinal and torsional stiffness.
  • Headstock can be positioned anywhere on the bed, and rotated to any comfortable working position or to allow 'off-the-bed' turning of larger pieces (more than 560mm/22 inch diameter), using the optional bowl turning bed attachment. Positive head re-alignment system. Headstock locked/released by simple-to-operate lever/cam arrangement.
  • 280mm spindle height giving 580mm (22 inch) diameter capacity over bed.
  • 600mm between centres capacity.
  • 3 HP.
  • Full electronic variable speed control (inverter drive) driving through five-step pulley system giving infinite variation of spindle speed from 60 - 3600 rev/min. Single phase 13 amp power supply connection.
  • Remote-mountable control panel with magnetic back can be mounted anywhere on machine.
  • M33 x 3.5mm spindle thread with reverse locking ring and 2MT bores to both spindle and quill.
  • Drive settings visible through headstock front cover (polycarbonate - virtually unbreakable).
  • Illuminated headstock interior using coloured display to indicate machine status.
  • Widely spaced spindle bearings with cassette system to enable quick replacement of drive belt or spindle bearings, if required.
  • 24-position indexing and Spindle lock.
  • Power outlet sockets integrated into headstock for powering 220/240 volt accessories.
  • Low centre of gravity, high stability and freedom from vibration contribute to turning excellence.
  • Cam action banjo with offset toolpost socket giving unrivalled access to workpiece, this enable the toolrest to be positioned clear of the face of the workpiece, allowing the full capacity of lathe to be used without compromising tool support.
  • Headstock spindle and tailstock quill bored through to facilitate long hole boring and use of vacuum chucking systems.

Supplied with:

  • Drive centre
  • Live centre
  • Ejection rod
  • Thread protector/ejector and
  • 3" faceplate

Maintenance-free with 10 year warranty except on electrical/electronic components.

Zebrano_Beursfilm from Francis Tacq - ALTITUDO on Vimeo.

WivaMac Zebrano woodturning Lathe

  • 600mm centres
  • 560mm dia. swing
  •  3HP electronic vari-speed drive with 5-step pulleys
  • Cast iron floor stand
  • 12 in. toolrest Drive and Live Centres